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Mod List & How-To - Tamaster - 07-01-2017

Mod List

Server 1 - Valhalla
Server 2 - The Volcano
APS - Ark Postal Service
Death Helper
Structures Plus
Eco RP Decor
Ark Steampunk Mod
Capitalism Advanced Player Table
Capitalism Currency
Capitalism Sell Table
Castles, Keeps & Forts
Primitive Survival Equipment +
Versatile Raft Mod
Skins Mod
Capitalism Admin Table
Capitalism Dino Table
Medieval Props
Mysterious Mystery
Cute Hair
Natural Babies
Egg & Poop Collector
Upgrade Station

In order to successfully connect and play on our servers it is recommended to subscribe to and install all of the mods in advance before connecting. You can do via the collection link at the top of the thread. Once downloaded launch the game and wait for the installing mods message in the bottom right of the main menu to disappear.